At Infinite One, when it comes to Incident Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - we start by listening. We know every organization is unique, and each organization addresses challenges in a different way.  We know you are not interested in yet another sales pitch. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we'll start from there.


Questions to Ask

  • When an incident occurs, do you have a systematic way to work through each issue?

  • How do you assign tasks and track progress?

  • Are you limited to assigning tasks to only those within your organization?

  • Do you currently have an effective process for cross-agency communication?

  • If so, could that process be improved? What challenges remain?

  • Would data captured by mobile app assist with your common incidents?

  • If so, would real time aggregation of inbound data be helpful?

  • If you could design an incident dashboard, what would it look like?

  • Would real-time geo-location of assets be beneficial?

  • If you could create your own reports, what data points would they include?

  • How do you control access to key documents/ data within your team?

  • Would controlled access to key documents aid in in cross-agency communication?

  • If so, what data/ documents could/should be shared?

  • What is your greatest challenge in incident management?

Delivery Options


Current trends point to mobile based solutions with less emphasis on desktop applications. We look for providers that begin product development with mobile devices in mind. Flexible applications capture key data in even remote locations and render aggregated custom reports and dashboards in real time.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions continue to gain acceptance from IT teams. A vendor hosted cloud solution reduces in-house IT demand for support and maintenance, and simplifies the implementation of enhancement releases. Typically, vendor hosted solutions also provide enhancements on a more timely basis.

As data security requirements become more and more stringent, some organizations are taking another look at on premise solutions. When does it make sense?

On Premise


At Infinite One Technology Solutions we partner with organizations as their trusted adviser to address their unique challenges pertaining to incident management, emergency management, business continuity, disaster recovery, logistics, and role-based data security management. We research the most robust solutions in the industry, and connect our customers with the vendors that align with their requirements.

While the industry has seen many organizations prioritize the bottom line over customer care, we seek out those organizations who are willing to go the extra mile to forge long term relationships. We look for vendors that offer standardized solutions, but are also willing to provide customized options when needed.


Rebecca Wright, President of Infinite One Technology Solutions, is an enterprise executive with over 25 years experience working in corporate technology sales and marketing. Rebecca has worked with domestic and international organizations, and has expertise in the education, finance, defense, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and food service verticals, specializing in work with the Fortune 500.

The name Infinite One Technology Solutions, is a reference to The Infinite One, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As as 17 year cancer survivor, I know that every good thing in my life, has come directly from Him.